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Novelty Regatta This Thursday Club Night – with Pizzas and a chat about the club to follow

You're invited to a special club night this Thursday. We're holding a novelty kayak regatta starting at 6:00pm. Afterwards we invite you to stick around for takeaway Pizzas in the clubrooms while we have a chat together about our new club, and the sorts of things we're interested in doing over the rest of 2009.

For the novelty regatta, you'll need to come dressed to get wet, with a towel and change of clothes. The forecast this week is good, so we anticipate that a dip in the lake won't be too stressful. The regatta will consist of a series of novelty races out from the boatshed beach around a buoy and back again. You will be put into a team of 3. Paddling ability will be an advantage, but not a necessity! We'll even up the teams. Sample events will include the 'paddle without a paddle' relay, the 'stand in the boat' rodeo challenge, and the three-kayak-race (a.k.a. a three legged race). It's all a bit of fun. Entry will cost $5 per person to cover use of borrowed boats.

For our chat afterwards, we'll order Pizzas (about $5 each) and meet from about 7:30pm – 8:45pm to chat about our club. Things are starting to take off, and we're keen to hear what's important to you. Why are we building up a kayak club? What do we want it to achieve? Among the possible direction we can head, which ones should we start with and who's willing to volunteer a little time to put into it? It's our club, and it's us who will make it something really good that we enjoy.
Visitors will be welcome on the night, and prospective club members. We have to charge an additional $5 event insurance fee for non-members, which we hope you'll understand.
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Fitness Training Monday and Wednesday 6:30am

Interested paddlers are invited to regular fitness training on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6:30am – 7:30am. Sessions are aimed at paddlers with their own boat who have sound basic skills and are looking to do some training for fitness and enjoyment. We are just commencing these sessions, so the structure will depend on who turns up and what they are paddling. Ideally we will develop a K1/K2 training group who do a circuit of the lake with some intervals, time trials and wash riding. Secondly, a ‘Plastics’ group who do a similar session. At present we’ll see who comes and take things from there. Secure parking, hot showers, changeroom facilities and a friendly welcome are reasonably assured.

Visitors are welcome to join for fitness training.

A handful of boats are available to borrow, with an ‘honour box’ charge of $5.00 per session going to the club development fund. Email the club if you wish to arrange one of these for a fitness session: Long Plastic Multisport, Long Plastic PRS Spirit Racing Ski, Avon 3 Double Kayak. Paddles are available for these boats. Paddlers will need to assure the boat owners that they have sound basic boat handling skills, and understand proper boat care. After several trial sessions visitors will be asked to join the club.

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