September News

23 September 2018


AGM on Saturday 6 October, 10.00am

The AGM often frightens people away but it shouldn't at our club. Remember our Executive is really only a management group, the working horses of our club are the individual disciplines. Having said that we still need to formally elect our 3 Officebearers for the new season. Our President, John Beinke has indicated he will restand, Our Treasurer, Peter Douglas has indicated that he will restand and our Secretary Trish Strickland has also agreed to restand.  Obviously other members can renominate but it takes away the awkwardness at the meeting and people shying away from attending the meeting because they think they will get a job!

I will continue on the Executive Committee as the Kayaking Representative.

Please support the AGM as a show of hands to the Executive members who try hard throughout the year to attend to matters that affect all of us at a higher level (Matters like dealing with Venues West and Rowing WA regarding lease and property, searching for insurance deals to cover all our varied and expensive boats etc) 

New Boat

We have purchased a new TK1, a light but wide and stable K1 for club use.  Please remember that all  K1s need to be launched from the pontoon to protect their hull. This boat has quite a soft hull so be careful leaning on the back while getting in. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOME BLOCKS OF POLYSTYRENE TO PUSH IN THE HULL FOR SUPPORT AND FLOATION. HAS ANYBODY GOT SOME? 


New Boat Rack

The sub committee have agreed to build a new small boat rack for our gizmos so that one of our very kind members, Rod Hale, no longer has to store/hide them in his horse paddock for us!


CLBC is a Registered Kidsport Club. Existing and new members need to indicate to Robyn ( or Peter Douglas, Executive Treasurer ( they will be applying for Kidsport vouchers for their children so that the Treasurer can invoice them for the balance of the junior fee. 

Social Media 

CLBC Kayaking has its own specific Facebook site for kayaking matters only. Please join this and share stories, photos and events. We set this up so that the other disciplines don't get bored with seeing so many great photos of kayakers on the main site!

We also have the main whole of club facebook site which you can all join too. This is a great way to advertise our club, especially when prospective members are searching.



Team App

Did you know CLBC is registered o the Team App available on Play Store for Android phones and Apple Store for iPhones. 

Actually it was set up in 2014 after we had a visit from the Department of Sport and Recreation and a member from Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club who showed a group of us how valuable a tool it was for quick club communication. 

Sadly very few people joined but now we have had a flurry of younger kayakers and rowers eager to use it and they have joined up.

There are lots of possibilities, one of which is a Chat Room that you can set up with the Special  Access Groups that have been set up by Alan Stuart. We currently have a group for Kayak Coaches, Kayak juniors and Kayak Adults but we could add others if you wish (there are similar groups for Dragonboating and for Rowing). We will also list the uniform items on this App too so you can order them.

Team App Website:

Come and Try Kayaking for Kids and Adults 

Saturday 29 September 3.00-4.00pm

Let your friends...young and old....know about this event!

Ideas for 2018-2019

If you have any suggestions or ideas for kayaking for the new season please drop me a line so we can discuss this at our sub committee meetings.

Maybe someone could think of an event we could run to draw other paddlers to our club. Each club usually runs one distinct event each year. We tried a Teams Relay for 3 years but it was always poorly attended.


Club Calendar

Trudy has kindly agreed to set up a Club Calendar every three months. This will be printed and posted to the shed doors. It will include Paddle WA events and also major VW events at the lake.

What's on at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre 

Please remember to regularly look at what is on at the lake. Venues West provide a list of major events at Champion Lakes on their website.

A general rule to remember is

• Rowing Regattas and Triathlons restrict complete access to the lake

• Cycling events often mean limited access across the bridge (at intervals) 

Plan ahead, especially if you have to access a boat for an event at another venue.

Save this  link:

Important Dates for 2018-2019 season:

29/9/2018 ..Come and Try Day 3.00-4.00pm

6/10/2018... Club AGM...10.00am Champion Lakes

7/10/2018.....Classic Paddle

21/10/2018..Marathon #...Island to Island

28 Oct...Kayak Sub Committee Meeting

15 November...Seniors Open Day...9.00-11.00am

17/11/2018...Come and Try Para Canoeing (plus anyone!)

18/11/2018...Marathon #2...Moore River

25 Nov....Kayak Sub Committee Meeting

1/12/2018.....Sprint Regatta #2...Champion Lakes